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Produced by Green Step Productions

Face2Face (2016)

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Anxious high school student Teel (Daniel Amerman) connects with his former childhood friend Madison (Daniela Bobadilla) via FaceTime. She recognises him and it’s a start of a new warm and kind friendship. Madison appears to be a party girl with feelings to a player named Cole (Eric A.H. Watson). Whereas, Teel confesses that he has no friends. Their teenage lives are bounded by the ignorance and a lack of youth experience by peer pressure and ideology that everyone must be perfect to be satisfied. Madison and Teel are both clever, warm-hearted, and through mutual support they may rely on each other, to overcome those difficulties.

  • star

    Daniela Bobadilla, Daniel Amerman, Eric A.H. Watson

  • prize

    Matthew Toronto

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