IMDb 5.6

Unfriended (2014)

An anonymous user uploads a video of Laura Barns, a high school student, who gets drunk and passes out during an outdoor party, that leads her to commit a suicide, since a video becomes viral.

IMDb 7.4

Profile (2018)

A British journalist becomes undercover a woman following islam religion and enters the digital propaganda routes of the Islamic State, also known as terroristic organization, which has been convening a great amount of women from Europe.

IMDb 5.9

BDAY! (2018)

Anton wakes up in another city after celebrating a best friend’s party. He is locked in unfamiliar flat of random girl, with completely vanished memory, while videos of his performance are blowing the internet.

IMDb 6.9

Face 2 face

Anxious high school student Teel (Daniel Amerman) connects with his former childhood friend Madison (Daniela Bobadilla) via FaceTime. She recognises him and it’s a start of a new warm and kind friendship.

IMDb 6.9

Cyberbully (2015)

Seventeen year old Casey Jacobs sees an offensive tweet from ex-boyfriend Nathan, while having a conversation with her friend Megan, and decides to payback by hacking into his Twitter account, with a support of her online friend, who is computer nerd named Alex.

IMDb 6.1

THE DEN (2013)

After getting a grant for her graduate essay, Elizabeth Benton signs into a website for video chatting known as THE DEN, so as to discover the habits of its users. Once, Elizabeth connect to teenage girl is about to be murdered in front of her webcam.

IMDb 5.5

The Collingswood Story (2002)

Rebecca Miles leaves her hometown, while her boyfriend, John stays behind in order to begin studying in college in Collingswood. The couple is soon driven into a nightmare world when they meet an online psychic, Vera Madeline, who set up a deadly occupation of terror over their lives.

IMDb 4.0

Sickhouse (2016)

A group of teenagers film a live documentary about “Sickhouse legend”, which is also known as a haunted place in a forest. After moving into a forest, teenagres start noticing suspicious actions around their campsite.

IMDb 5.2

Open windows (2014)

Nick Chambers runs a website about gorgeous actress Jill Goddard, and becomes a winner of a internet contest, which concerns a dinner with Jill. However, her manager provides a technology, that allows Nick to spy on Jill’s phone.



The Official Coca-Cola anthem for FIFA 2018 ™ World Cup


1968: Future History

What is Screenlife movie?

"I am a director myself, and it’s very important that when a producer makes a decision about a filmmaker, you have to let them make their own mistakes and learn their own lessons. I’m just looking for talented filmmakers that I can learn from, and help somehow" - Timur Bekmambetov

Throughout the years, we’ve applied technology to tell stories in various formats: and we use various screens to watch these formats. After all, it’s all about your relationship with the screen, with your story, and with your audience. But what if your screen is the storytelling format? What if the story is told entirely on a computer screen? This is called Screenlife.

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